What does Zoila the Zebra do when she sees Armando, her armadillo best amigo, not following basic healthcare prevention guidelines? How does she help to encourage him to keep himself and others safe during a pandemic? Could her solution help others also follow the rules?

Zoila's Three Tricks to Help Avoid Getting Sick is the story about how Zoila the Zebra cheered up her friend who was sad about not being able to hug his grandparents and play with his friends. She invented ways to make following health guidelines more fun! With her tricks, she helped her reluctant friend want to wear a mask, wash his hands, and keep a safe social distance.

Zoila's tricks are not just for armadillos. The zebra's tricks can also be used for children and all who attend schools during times when viruses spread through communities.  

Dr. Bowles' on Anti-Bullying.  

Just We have all experienced “Armadillo Tears” in our lives. It might be when we feel we do not have a friend in the world, when we are being bullied, or when no one can see the special qualities inside us. 

How to Stop Armadillo Tears is the story about an armadillo named Armando who has all these feelings during a very bad day on the school playground. By reading his story you can learn about how one heroic animal, Zoila the Zebra, stops his tears, and reveals the wonderfully special abilities that Armando has within him. 

This book teaches children the benefits of bringing new people (amigos) into their circle of friends, and through the instruction of Eduardo the Encyclopedia, demonstrates how to ask simple questions to help discover the uniqueness within everyone. 

Find out how Zoila uncovers the many ways in which Armando is a very talented armadillo, becomes his friend, and shows all bullies how to open their eyes and celebrate the differences among us. 

The lesson that every reader can take away from this story is the superpower to stop “Armadillo Tears.”

Just as the stripes of a zebra are unique to each animal, so too is the reader of this book. Follow Zoila the Zebra as she tells her story about the journey from Mexico to the United States in her search of the American Dream. Along the way, she learns to overcome loneliness, experience a new culture, and gain confidence in herself as a strong leader. Through her acronym “WOW,” Zoila lovingly and joyfully expresses her Words of Wisdom. She inspires children to have the courage to do the right thing, treat others with respect, and live a bully-free life.